Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Day

Today Judy is going to share her scrapbook layout about Easter Day.

Much thanks to Bernice for putting together this wonderful 12 month creative journey!
Every few months I'll be sharing a faith based layout with you.  I really do feel that if our faith is an important part of our lives then it needs to be a part of our scrapbooks as well.   Feel free to create this in your art journal or on a canvas if you don't scrapbook.   I'll also be sharing how I pull together a scrapbook layout using magazine ads as inspiration - as I'm looking through magazines I find that some ads just catch my eye because I love the clean and simple look.

Magazine ads are very balanced and compartmentalized - 
exactly what I love in a scrapbook layout!
After looking at the advertisement I break it down into parts and do a quick sketch of it -
usually on a scrap of paper that I stick in a notebook.
I have an entire book of these sketches that I refer to over and over!
[My original 'smash book' - ha]

For this post I created the sketch on the computer so it'd be a little neater to work from - I don't have exact measurements but I think you can 'eyeball' it and get a good idea of how it will fit on the page. The one suggestion I have is to be sure that your margins are equal and that the space between the photos / 'boxes' are the same.

And here's my layout
 For as long as I can remember my mother has LOVED to attend Easter Sunrise Service. [Is this a Southern Thing?]  Through the years we've attended community services at the local high school stadium or public park.   We've attended them at churches [not as special as being OUTSIDE at SUNRISE on EASTER morning] and even had our own 'family style' services in the past.   Last year was our first Easter after she moved into an Assisted Living Facility.   She's bit more frail these days and I wasn't sure if she could manage it but I wanted to share this tradition with her. S  o we traveled over and got up early to share the sunrise and wonderful blessing of our Lord's resurrection together.   
This is the sunrise as we crossed the river on our way to breakfast.    
 A beautiful day.

You can see that I love to use patterned paper as the background and then add solid colors as mats and journal blocks. I double - matted the photo to fill the space, but I think a large photo would look gorgeous here. And I added just a bit of embellishment.

The title and scripture were printed out on white paper and taken to a local copy shop and printed on a clear transparency. [That's the reason for the 'shine' in the photos.] You can download the title photo by right clicking on it for you to use however you want. [You can print on any color card stock if you don't want to use it clear.]

Here's the layout with a bit more embellishment - I added the binder clip to the corner of the photo mat and changed the flowers to use this precious border from Little Yellow Bicycle.

And there you have it - a very springy faith based layout using stuff from my supplies.
I think I'll hang it at work to remind me of God's blessings.
So now I'm curious - what Easter Traditions do you have to celebrate Christ's Resurrection?
Have you ever included them in your scrapbook pages? I'd love to see some of them!
You can share here with the linky or on our facebook group.

And if you don't have one - let me be the first to encourage you to get up early and welcome the day of Lord's Resurrection at sunrise.   If there's no service near you - you can always get outside with your Bible or music and spend some time praising our Lord.

Have a Happy Easter everyone!

Thank you Judy.