Saturday 16 March 2013

Stencilled Newspaper

For Spring I chose the colours lime green, lemon and bluebell blue as the colour scheme.  But if you haven't got those precise colours choose something close to them or choose your own colour scheme!

For this challenge you will need:
Some newspaper
Gesso or white acrylic paint
4 or 5 colours of acrylic paint
A spray ink - Dylusions or Colorwash or something similar
9 (yes I said 9) different stencils.   This could include the same stencil but in 2 sizes.  If you haven't got 9 stencils then make your own.

Now watch the video:

And now go and have fun.

When you've stencilled your page decide how you will finish it.  You could cut it up into various shapes and stick them onto another background.  You could stick it into your journal or leave it as it is and add embellishments and journaling.  Or add a photo related to Spring.  

Whatever you choose to do, don't forget to show us on the linky below.