Tuesday 1 October 2013

The month of October

October in the UK can be a really  dank and miserable month or occasionally we get an 'Indian Summer'.  There's some more information here about October.

There are some amazing bizarre celebrations listed for this month.  How about Virus Appreciation Day or National Mole Day - which isn't what you might think!   I think we should all celebrate Wear Something Gaudy Day on October 17th.

Our Flower of the Month is Cow Parsley or Queen Anne's Lace.  This is a change from the advertised flower.  I feel the seedheads give us more art opportunities.

This music in this video is quite haunting and melancholic with some beautiful photos.

Here are some extra Autumn items:
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Here's your October checklist.

Art Challenge
Make a page inspired by the information or inspiration you have found here.

Don't forget to share your work with us all via the linky.