Monday, 6 May 2013

May Zine

This month we only need to create our May double page spread.  If you haven't made your Zine yet then go to the tutorial from last month.  There's also the second part of the tutorial and the Zine that I made on my blog.

I stamped the flowers along the bottom of the pre-coloured page.

I stencilled some more colour on through some Punchinella.  Then coloured in the flowers.

 I cut out the verse and inked round it before sticking it down.

Our Spring Zine is finished.  If you are making this as a standalone zine then you will need to finish your cover.  If like me you are making all four seasons into one book then you need do nothing more except put it in a safe place!   And of course, remember where that is!

Don't forget to add your work via the linky.  Looking foward to seeing your finished page.