Monday, 1 July 2013

The month of July

Here we are already in July.   You can find out about the bizarre days celebrated in July.  Apparently this month celebrates National Anti-Boredom Month.  Perhaps because there is a 10 week school vacation in the States and this is about midway through.  So how about making a list of things you would like to do this month.  Have a look at these blog posts: Aisling Beatha and Gallo Organico.

There are many celebratory national days in July:
Canada Day today           Independence Day, USA July 4th        Bastille Day, France July 4th

July 15th is St. Swithin's Day, a day on which people watch the weather for tradition says that whatever the weather is like on St. Swithin's Day, it will continue so for the next forty days.
St Swithin's Day, if thou dost rain,
For forty days it will remain.
St Swithin's Day. if thou be fair,
For forty days 'twill rain nae mair'

The Flower of the Month this month on 12 Months in View is the Dandelion.

The Dandelions  by Helen Gray Cone [1859-1934]

Upon a showery night and still,
Without a sound of warning,
A trooper band surprised the hill,
And held it in the morning.

We were not waked by bugle-notes,
No cheer our dreams invaded,
And yet, at dawn, their yellow coats
On the green slopes paraded.

We careless folk the deed forgot;
Till one day, idly walking,
We marked upon the self-same spot
A crowd of veterans talking.

They shook their trembling heads and gray
With pride and noiseless laughter;
When, well-a-day! they blew away,
And ne'er were heard of after!

Here is a link to more Dandelion poems

Here's your July checklist.

Passport to Art
If you haven't joined in already you can still join in with the altered book project on Passport to Art for the whole month of July.

Make a page inspired by the information or poetry you have found here.

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