Sunday 9 June 2013

Quarterly Zine

Today is the start of a new Zine.   For insturctions on how to fold and cut the paper to make your Zine go here.

As I am going to make all my quarterly zines into one book at the end, it was important that I cut the cartridge paper for this quarter exactly the same size as the last one.

I folded the paper and then opened it out and misted the paper with water and sprayed blue on it.

I rolled the paper towel over it to dry it off and then sprayed yellow.

Then finally green.

I put an Artist's Cellar stencil over the top of the paper and sprayed water through it.  You can use any stencil.

I let the stencil and water lie for a couple of minutes then dried it with the paper towel before moving the stencil.  Then I dried the paper with the heat gun.

To see my June page go to Newly Creative.

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