Friday 20 September 2013

Art Challenge

Susan very kindly said she would provide a tutorial for this month's art challenge.

Create Decorative Papers with Everyday Items
A Tutorial by Susan Ernst

Using items found around the house and some craft paint, turn scrap paper into one of a kind decorative papers to use in collage, mixed media paintings, journals, cards and more.
I like to create decorative papers that have three layers:
 1st layer – print on the paper
2nd layer – paint
3rd layer – stamping or stenciled designs

1. Gather paints of your choice (I used the autumn theme colors of orange, red, mustard and brown); scrap papers, book pages, black and white lightweight scrapbook paper, found papers, etc.

2.  Apply paint randomly to papers. Allow to dry.

3. Use loose leaf reinforcement sheets as a stencil or use hole punchers to create a stencil in cardstock or other heavy weight paper. Use a sponge to dab paint through the stencils.

4. Use bottle caps, corrugated cardboard strips, foam packing peanuts, corks, etc. as stamps.

5. Create a printing plate from a foam meat tray. Draw designs with a pencil or press objects into it to make an impression. Apply paint with a brush at a low angle so that paint does not get into the recessed areas. Place paper on top of this plate and rub the back with your fingers to transfer the design.

6. Continue to stamp, stencil and print until the papers are done to your liking.

7. Cut or tear the papers into small squares and rectangles ranging in size from approximately a half inch to two and a half inches. Glue to 4 x 6 index card or backing of your choice.

1. In general, apply darker colors over lighter ones. Use 2 or 3 colors only on each sheet of paper to prevent muddiness.
2. Embellish as desired. I could have added the painted reinforcements but didn’t think these collages needed them. You can also add postage stamps, buttons, metal bottle caps, tea labels, etc.

Thank you so much Susan.  A fabulous technique.  I hope you all enjoy having a go at this.  Don't forget to add your work using the linky below.