Monday, 2 September 2013

The month of September

Our first month of the Autumn season.

September in the UK is associated with returning to school and the time when we celebrate the gathering in of the harvest.  There's some more information here.

There are some more really bizarre celebrations listed for this month.  How about Ask a Stupid Question Day or Fight Procrastination Day.  I probably need to celebrate that one!

Our Flower of the Month is the Hawthorn or May.  Interestingly September 16th is Mayflower Day remembering the ship that took the English to America.

  • The hawthorn was thought to be the ancestor of the maypole and was the source of May Day garlands. The rhyme “here we go gathering nuts in May” referred to the collection of knots (not in fact “nuts”) of may blossom
  • The saying, "Ne'er cast a clout till May is out" is thought to refer to the hawthorn blossom, not the month and was good advice that summer hadn’t really arrived until the blossom was in flower.   

  • Here's your September checklist.

    Art Challenge
    Make a page inspired by the information or poetry you have found here.

    Don't forget to share your work with us all via the linky.