Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A March Challenge

The first challenge

This is going to be a monthly challenge.  Each month we are are going to take a photograph on the same day, at the same time, of the same place.   If you choose to do this today, then the next photograph will be on April 5th.

Or you could choose to do it today which is the first Tuesday of the month and then take the next one on the first Tuesday of April which will be April 2nd.

You choose a day or date and a place to suit you.  It could be taken from your front door, your back door, a particular place on your journey to work or on the school run.  It could be where you walk the dog.  Wherever it is, it needs to be a place you are at or near regularly.

This is my back garden from my bedroom window.

Each month we will take a photo and over the year we will build up a picture of the changes in the seasons.   I suggest you have a folder on your hard drive where you keep these photos so you can find them at the end of our 12 months together.

If you upload them to the Facebook group please could you make an album with your name and a suitable title.  Thanks.

There's also a Flickr group if you don't have a blog or a Facebook account.

I've added a linky for you to add your photo or blog.