Thursday, 28 March 2013

Cookery ... or is it?

Those who know me well are well aware that I avoid the kitchen at all times.  There have been one or two comments in the Facebook group of dread about today's challenge.

So here we go!

You will need: a saucepan, a glass bowl that will fit in the saucepan but not touch the bottom, a wooden spoon, a muffin tin and a kettle.

You will also need: a packet of Rice Krispies, 200 grammes of chocolate, a bag of mini eggs and some cake (muffin) cases.  Oh and 2 small spoons.  I used Cadbury's Milk Chocolate but you could use any make or dark chocolate if you prefer.

Have you guessed what we are making yet?

That's right!  Chocolate nests.

Break up the chocolate and put half into the glass bowl.  Boil the kettle and put some boiling water into the saucepan. Put the bowl into the saucepan and put it onto a low heat.

Stir the chocolate until it has melted and then add the rest of the chocolate.  (I hope you didn't think you were eating the other half!  I only eat 4 small squares!)

Put the cake cases into the tin.

Take the saucepan from the cooker leaving the bowl in the hot water so the chocolate doesn't start setting. Put the Rice Krispies into the melted chocolate a large spoonful at a time, and stir so that the Rice Krispies are coated in chocolate.  The amount of Rice Krispies depends how choclatey you want your nests to be.  Less Rice Krispies - more chocolatey!

Spoon the mixture into the paper cases and make a small dent in the middle  .Put them into the fridge to set.

When they are set put them out on a pretty plate and add the mini eggs.

I hope that you will enjoy making your birds' nests.

Do add a photo of what you make using the linky below.