Friday, 8 March 2013

A Quarterly Zine

Each season we are going to make a Zine. Here's information on Zines in case you've never come across them before.

They are very easy to make and only need one sheet of paper. Here is a sequence of photographs to show you how to do it.  If you have never made one before, I suggest you get a piece of printer paper and make a practice one.

Take your piece of paper

 and fold it in half width ways.

 Open the paper out

 and fold the paper length ways.

 Open it out (landscape style)

 and fold the sides into the middle.

 Open it out and fold the paper in half as you did before and cut from the fold to the next fold.

 Open it out and stand it up like this.

 Crease the folds again to close the zine up and bring the fold shown at the top of this picture to meet the fold at the left of the picture.

 Use a bone folder on all the folds to make them sit properly.  I then numbered the pages - outer for outside 'covers' and then 1 to 6.

 When you unfold it the numbering looks like this.

We will make one of these at the beginning of each Season and each month work on one double page.

If you want to have individual books for each season then you will need to work on the covers as well and I will show that at the end of May.   However I am planning to make my four individual zines and then put them together as one book at the end of February 2014 so none of the covers need to be done.

I tried folding a 12"x12" piece of doublesided scrapbook paper and this was the result.

I tried out a piece of single sided cardstock with this result

Here are the 3 together

Come back tomorrow for the next part of the tutorial.